The Secret to Learning Languages Quickly? Get a Bilingual Teacher.

The Language Studio (TLS) believes there’s a better way to learn languages in school, especially in multi-cultural Singapore. As our world becomes more connected, the ability to speak multiple languages is increasingly essential. TLS is on a mission to arm students of all ages, from children to adults, with the skills they need to thrive globally. By focusing on understanding rather than memorisation, bilingual Teacher Jane emphasises the importance of cultural insights in language learning, making the journey both engaging and deeply relevant to everyday life.

Read on to see why our lessons by our bilingual Teacher Jane stands out from your typical ‘tuition’ or enrichment classes:

Stronger Foundations to Learn How to Learn

At TLS, we believe in teaching languages by focusing on their structure and logic, not just memorizing words. Teacher Jane, who speaks both English and Chinese fluently, helps students understand these languages from the ground up. “By teaching the logic behind languages, students can start from scratch and pick up new skills quickly,” she explains.

One touching story is about a young boy from China who didn’t know that English should be read from left to right! No one realised, his struggles turned to frustrations which he acted out against his schoolmates. Teacher Jane’s understanding of the cultural differences saw the problem straight away. With her help, he not only became capable of reading, he became extremely curious about the world. Today, he’s the class monitor of his class.

Next-level Parent-Teacher Connection

Keeping parents informed and involved is key to a student’s success. Teacher Jane’s ability to speak multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, means she can communicate effectively with all parents. “Being able to talk to parents in their native language about their child’s progress is invaluable. It helps them understand how they can support their child’s learning at home,” says Teacher Jane. Better still, the parents are able to articulate any problems or struggles at home, so that Teacher Jane can address them in class. This clear communication builds a strong partnership between TLS and home.

Cultural Insights in Every Lesson

Learning a language at TLS isn’t just about words and grammar; it’s about diving into the cultures that use these languages. Teacher Jane enriches her lessons with cultural stories and helps students compare the grammatical structures of English and Chinese. “Understanding these differences helps reinforce the students’ grasp of both languages,” she notes. This method makes lessons interesting and gives students a deeper appreciation for the cultures behind the languages.

Bilingual Lessons Make it Easier to Start Learning from Scratch

Teaching in two languages comes with challenges, especially when helping students who speak only one language. “It can be tough to explain new concepts in a foreign language,” Teacher Jane admits. But by being bilingual, or multilingual, the language barriers poetically fall apart. Students can pick up new languages from scratch much quicker. The rewards outweigh the challenges. She loves seeing students discuss ideas in both languages and how comfortable they feel giving feedback, which helps her tailor lessons to their needs.

Greater Than the Sum of Two Languages

Are you looking to enrol your child in a learning environment that goes beyond the regular? Do you want a teacher who’s not just teaching for the exams, but for life’s real tests? Look no further than TLS. Our bilingual lessons are specially designed to spark curiosity and understanding, and maintain a strong communication channel with parents who care.

Join us at TLS and give your child the advantage of learning languages in a way that’s smart, culturally aware, and supportive. With Teacher Jane’s innovative bilingual teaching methods, we’re not just teaching languages; we’re opening up a world of new opportunities.

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