Curriculum and Methodology

Dynamic Lessons that
Shift with You and the World

Because we believe every student learns differently, our curriculum is intentionally designed to leave lots of room for lessons to shift and meander depending on the students’ and class needs.

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A Curriculum Designed to Help You Learn Faster and Better

With a focus on building a strong and adaptable language foundation layer after layer, you will be able to read and write more effectively as classes go on. This way, learning becomes easier and faster, even as the content gets more advanced!


From Structure to Creative Expression

Our methodology focusses on building up strong grammar first, because it is the foundation behind every language. Learning thus becomes exponentially faster because students can easily understand new passages and concepts with a solid foundation.

Level 3 – Language Creativity & Expression

Level 2 – Language Application

Level 1 – Language Foundation


Grammar, language rules and exceptions

Revisit & Reinforce


Vocabulary, simple expressions, and usage

Revisit & Reinforce


Reading skills, bending rules, critical thinking and inferring meaning from abstraction

Revisit & Reinforce


Storytelling, writing, thought essays and other forms of creative expression in writing, speech, or presentation


Master the Rules, Master the Language.

Every language has grammar, which sets out common structure and rules to describe time, ownership, positioning and more. By mastering these grammatical rules, we also take a peek into the psyche and nuance of the cultures that made these language rules since the beginning of time.

  • Make it far easier to understand passages, speeches and other communications in the right context. 
  • Your child will start to enjoy gaining new knowledge through reading and understanding, whether it’s from a story book or a National Geographic article.
  • Communication and comprehension skills are even applicable (crucial) in Science and Math problem sums. 
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Expand Knowledge with Thematic Vocabulary

Our unique comprehension approach strengthens students’ vocabulary skills through a detailed and immersive methodology that meets or surpasses the standards set by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Thematic vocabulary exercises engage students in meaningful contexts with a focus on word usage, synonyms, antonyms, collocations, and idiomatic expressions.

  • Begin express ideas and thoughts with more precision and nuance by using proper words and expressions.
  • Opens up possibilities for creative expression and communication in everyday conversation.
  • Encourages thinking more critically when forming sentences and engaging in ideas.
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Question the Norms with Open-ended Comprehension.

Our thorough and engaging approach helps students develop critical thinking, interpretation, and response skills. By engaging students in a variety of interactive activities and discussions, we help them excel in understanding and answering complex comprehension questions, both inferential and factual.

  • Encourage active curiosity when it comes to reading and learning about the world, which builds a strong foundation for critical thinking and analysis.
  • Tremendous opportunities for debate, questioning and interpretation of content to expand the ability to think outside the box and construct arguments.
  • Start tackling open-ended questions with sharper thinking and argumentative skills, making it exciting (not excruciating) to answer with individual thought and ideas for questions where there are no strict rights or wrongs.
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Unleash Creativity with Written Composition

Our comprehensive approach equips students with the necessary skills to excel in creative speech and writing, both in academic pursuits and in everyday communication. Through in-depth practice and guidance, students learn to craft well-structured and engaging compositions, essays and stories.

  • Indulge in a newfound love for reading, writing and expressing in creative and imaginative ways.
  • Encourage a writer-first mentality and fearlessly tackle the “blank sheet” with ideas, individual thoughts and creative expressions that stand out from the crowd.
  • Apply the critical skills of language, reading and writing across other subjects like math and science, setting them up for a lifetime of enjoyable learning and intuition.
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Revisit & Reinforce

What makes our lessons so effective is constant revisiting and reinforcement of lessons taught before. This way, students get to recap and reuse foundational concepts towards new content that they encounter.

If practice makes perfect, then our Revisit & Reinforce gives students all the practice they need to perfect their mastery of the language.